1st Year Architecture


First year plays a critical role in architectural education, a formative experience which can be challenging. Students learn new skills to expand their ideas about people, places, poetics, pragmatics and politics. They hear strange new terms and develop spatial and technical awareness. Students ask what IS architecture?!?! There is no consensus amongst the profession or the academic circles as to the answer to this perplexing question. Is it building? Art? This semester aimed to develop their own position on what architecture “is” and what it means to take a “position” in the world. Students explored the design of “Pavilion for a Protester” for politically charged community groups as part of the Modifyer Festival on Bigambul / Kambuwal Country in South East Queensland. 


The Vertical Matter studio consists of a series of coordinated design phases that explore design opportunities through the creative use of timber within the context of an Urban Cabin. This design process progresses four design research phases; line, surface, volume, and evidence and reasoning. Understood and presented as an iterative series of architectural studies, the analysis and manipulation of experiential studies are overlayed with a material understanding on timber. Situated in West End, the outcomes followed a set of programmatic constrains which interact with analytical, synthetic and operative studies to aesthetically and functionally develop design principles as extensions of matter and vertical space.