2nd Year Architecture


Plan research Facility + Community Hub

The ARCH2100 Studio created a Plant Research Facility and Community Hub at Norman Creek, Brisbane. The student’s initial focus was a set of formal studies of building envelope – the surface – engaging issues of pattern and identity and the idea of skin as an environmental filter. Following this, students addressed the making architectural experiences within a reconstructed landscape.


Mongrel Architecture for dogs Queensland

Each student identified recurrent formal characteristics in the work of two of fourteen exemplary architects, which were subsequently adapted for Dogs Queensland’s headquarters and showgrounds in Durack. Dogs Queensland maintain a register of purebred dogs and their ownership. The students were initially asked to design sleeping cabins for dogs and their humans to share while participating in events. The second project was for an extensive new clubhouse and headquarters. While these sound like pragmatic building types, the design process was underpinned by analogical consideration of theories of biological evolution versus human histories.