Aaron Barton

Bachelor Graduate

After seven years practicing as a designer in theatre and commercial fit outs, I began my Bachelor of Architectural Design in 2018 with the view to unpack that which was tacit and led by my gut in my personal practice.  Upon completing this first of many steps toward becoming an architect, I’ve begun to hone and develop the foundations of what might become a thumbprint and a focused view for the final stages of my formal training. 

I’m passionate about cultural spaces and the ability for architecture to facilitate and support the curiosity of humanity. Particularly, I am interested in how we perceive the passing of time in the built environment, so that, as a civilisation, we might register the efforts of those who have come before us. In this way, as L.H. Sullivan explores in his essay Inspiration, we might read our lives in the bigger current of life and find meaning in the moment we contribute to the passage of humankind.  As I have learnt through my time in the BaArch at UQ, the unique relationship Indigenous Australians have with this country – a deep reciprocity with ancestral landscape – has taught me ways in which we might live with respect for both those who came before us and those who will inherit this place once we leave.  I am looking forward to learning and playing with these ideas into my Masters and continuing to understand my process.

Technically, I have enjoyed learning the strategies to resolve both large and small construction challenges. In my early twenties I worked for myself as a furniture maker with a specialisation in timber joinery. It is no surprise that I have become fascinated with the potential for mass timber structures in this country, not only for the obvious sustainability benefits measured against typical construction, but for the quality and ambience of space timber affords. During my time at UQ I have participated as a researcher for the Future Timber Hub under the supervision of Kim Baber and I hope to continue to contribute to the development of this technology into the future.

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