Alec Hutchinson

Masters Graduate

I am passionate about creating meaningful architecture through the synthesis of planning, design, and construction. I believe architecture has a tremendous opportunity to inform the built environment and world around us at a variety of scales, and this can be done effectively through careful consideration and collaboration.

Project Below: The Precinct
Description: ‘The Precinct’ is an adaptive reuse of the Valley Metro Carpark. The project is a response to a potentially not so distant future, where Brisbane’s inner city has been gentrified and overrun by profit driven high rise developments. The project aims to re-establish the Valley’s rich urban culture and amenity, and celebrate what brought people there in the first place. Agricultural production is re-introduced into the city centre, providing the Valley’s growing community with fresh, local, and affordable produce. In addition, the Valley’s once bustling entertainment precincts are reborn through a series of bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues.