Alex Howell

Masters Graduate

I first knew I wanted to be an architect after completing work experience at a firm in high school in 2011. I began my first step towards this goal in 2014, when I enrolled in my bachelors at UQ, after which I completed a year out in 2018 and began my Masters in 2019. My favourite studios have always been those that have promoted physical model making and testing of abstract forms such as Material Experiments, Design Processes and Materials and Making, which have allowed me to design at 1:1 scales in brick, bamboo and timber.

On the right is my project for Material Experiments titled ‘Round’, which utilized rectangular bricks to create circular geometries, together forming an adaptable, open air pavilion for the West End Riverside. The project was scripted entirely inside Grasshopper, down to the location and orientation of each individual brick, and has led to my strong interest in computational and parametric design.