Annalise White

Bachelor Graduate

From a very young age I was drawing floor plans and using my older brother’s Sketchup™ account to design houses, and that is where my passion for architecture began. Over the past few years at UQ I have developed my own appreciation for the built world and with this, my own architectural style. I admire minimal and natural material palettes that use spatial qualities to create moments of interaction and pleasure. In my mind, landscape is an integral aspect of architecture and sometimes even takes precedence.

The past three design courses have challenged me to incorporate these qualities into my own work using real contextual sites and clients. A high density duplex complex in Sunnybank, Health and Wellbeing Hub for the Institute of Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH) located in Dakabin and general purpose building on Staff House Rd at UQ have provided differing briefs and requirements. I am continuing to learn more about architecture with every glance outside and hope to translate my growing knowledge and passion into the world.

1. Overall Elevation - Sunnybank

3. Sectional Perspective – IUIH Health and Wellbeing Hub

5. Concept Image – UQ Outlook Place
7. Overall Section - UQ Outlook Place

9. External Perspective - UQ Outlook Place

2. Ground Floor and Level 1 Plans – IUIH Health and Wellbeing Hub

4. Warm Handover Vignette - IUIH Health and Wellbeing Hub

6. Upper Ground Plan - UQ Outlook Place

8. Amphitheatre Elevation - UQ Outlook Place

10. Void Perspective - UQ Outlook Place