Brooke Harris

Masters Graduate

I grew up in Christchurch, NZ, and after traveling for a year after high school, I decided to jump across the ditch to study my Bachelor of Architectural Studies at Bond University on the Gold Coast. After an intense 2 years, I graduated from Bond at the end of 2018 and a couple of months later I committed to the commute to Brisbane to do my Masters at UQ.

The Cairns Community (P)Re-cint is a community and restorative justice centre located in the existing “justice precinct”, where government, policing, and justice institutions interact in Cairns. With the aim of eliminating crime and injustice derived from the systematic discimination within the existing precinct, the (P) Re-Cinct focuses on equality in justice, community well-being, and overall crime prevention. The (P)Re-Cinct juxtaposes the existing systems and structures, and instead provides restorative spaces, assisting the re-organisation of the justice system and the re-connecting of the Cairns community.The structure of the existing privatised monolithic courthouse is utiliased as a frame, which contrastingly opens up the space with a porous climatically responsive skin attached, and the space is re-formed through a series of smaller buildings with functions that challenge typically private and segregated areas.