Daniel Avila

Masters Graduate

I started my architecture studies in 2014 at the University of Tarumanagara, Jakarta and completed it in 2018. After a brief 6 months internship, I started my Master of Architecture studies in 2019 at UQ. Throughout my studies, I’ve always been interested in architecture’s ability to make an impact to its surrounding and its users whether its big or small, as well as good or bad.

Below is the project completed for the Masterclass studio titled “The New Citadels: Enclosed Paradise of Toowong”, exploring the future possibilities of Brisbane’s suburbs after a fictional catastrophe known as “The Event”.

In the event of social disintegration, some suburbs are abandoned in favour of citadels. The citadels are walled cities, rich worlds unto themselves, and harbour captured landscape within. The former suburbs decay over time, forming a crumbling museum of what was. Occasionally the citadel occupants venture out, and assisted by light sculptures, mark by way of ceremonies the passing of a former pattern of life.