Elizabeth Robbins

Masters Graduate

A year after completing my Bach degree, I commenced my masters program here at UQ in early 2019. It is impossible to summarise what I have learned over the years into a single sentence, though I am endlessly grateful to the dedicated academic staff and friends who’ve made this experience so enriching and special.

The following project is one I completed as part of the Masterclass studio, run by Peter Besley. I enjoyed this studio immensely, it was challenging and unlike anything I had experienced before. We were tasked with constructing a narrative that detailed the occurence and fall-out of a disastrous event. My project depicts the aftermath of a chemical explosion which results in the abandonment, isolation and progressive decay of four inner city blocks. Years hence, a unique urban system forms, elevated above the ground floor and protected from the air toxicity, re-integrating buildings once annexed or abandoned back into the urban fabric of the city. After twenty years, air toxicity dissipates and the ground floor is reclaimed as a public domain, revealing an underworld that had flourished in the years of abandonment, reminiscent of history and ruin.