Federica Savoia

Masters Graduate

I started my studies in 2014 at the University of Stuttgart in Germany. After completing my Bachelor degree there in Architecture and Urban Planning I moved to Brisbane in 2019 where I started my Master at UQ. Throughout my four semesters I undertook different studios: Generative Structures, Institutions and Ideology, Dwelling and Density and Urban Infrastructures. I really enjoyed the design projects that allowed me to explore and learn a range of different scales and building typologies. All in all considered Architecture challenged me through the years but it was an incredible opportunity that I had thanks to my family who supported me. The great people I had the chance to meet throughout these years with who I also spent most of the time in the studio will always remain in my memory.

The project I decided to share was part of the Institution and Ideology course with Ashley Pain. The aim was to redesign the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney. We had the great opportunity to fly to Sydney to visit the site and talked to Cox Architects who were involved in the design of the original Museum. The new proposed narrative focuses on emphasizing the unique historic boat collection by creating a “floating” exhibition underneath a great sail roof.


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