Jas Stancombe

Master Graduate 

Hi, I’m Jas Stancombe. I am currently completing my Master of Architecture degree at the University of Queensland whilst working part time in an architectural office. I have also been working as the representative for the UQ architecture student magazine (Barbara), volunteering for events and making time for my own projects. I am passionate about public spaces, environmentalism and architectural writing.

Common | Place was a cohousing design project designed in Hamilton Northshore, undertaken for the dwelling and density course during the condensed summer semester 2019 - 2020. This project showcases the importance of community, providing a number of areas for both intentional and incidental interaction. As a cohousing project, the overarching concept for the project was an extension of the home. This offered residents additional spaces that are expected in traditional housing but not apartment living, such as a workshop and community garden. Dual key units allow for flexibility as older residents age-in-place or as family dynamics change. There were a number of site issues that needed to be considered in the design, including soil conditions, flooding, and noise pollution from the airport flight. Flexible ground floor units, coupled with the workshop, offer residents business opportunities. 

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