Jimyeong Park

Masters Graduate

After graduating Bachelor of Architecture in 2011, I worked as an architectural designer for 6 years. I commenced my master degree at UQ in 2019. Throughout the program, I have been able to explore my interests in Urban Infrastructure, Responsive Environment, and Generative Structure. And I was awarded the Challenge Winner at the 2019 Urban Design Challenge “Water and Energy Systems Integration“.

This project was produced for the Dwelling and Density design studio and was named as a great “Missing-middle” student concept by Queensland Government Architects in 2020. This project is to explore density and diversity across sites at Ipswich. My investigations highlight opportunities to develop innovative low-medium density housing solutions that contribute to the urban fabric of the cities while enriching the lives of those who live within them. I utilised the principles of Q-Design to develop proposals that responded to the local climate, context and end-users.

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