Joseph Mayle

Masters Graduate

Looking back over the last two years, I’ve realised what I’ve been able to achieve. And despite some mild suffering, a love for architecture and creating spaces emerged. Some highlights include spending $915.20 dollars on coffee, mastering the PC labs’ air conditioning, never owning a gaming laptop and doing 4 design studios in 1 year.

In all seriousness, a big thank you to friends and family for your support.

The following projects consist of a museum of modern waste and a new centre for ecological justice. Two distinct and different projects that aim to bring a fresh take on traditional forms of justice and retail. These schemes illustrate my belief that architecture have a sense of wonder whilst also be underpinned by leaving doing good to the environment. Plastic recycling and landscape orientated institutions are the outcome of this approach, an approach that I hope to evolve on in my practice as an Architect.

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