Kelly Yang

Bachelor Graduate

My name is Kelly, and I am a Bachelor of Architectural Design graduate at the University of Queensland. I was born in Kuala Lumpur but moved to Brisbane when I was ten. I love architecture because of its never-ending and ever-changing environment. I love how I am always challenged to learn something new, explore towards new solutions, notice the world more than I ever have before and how through my work, I can grow as a person. I am passionate about architecture and design and I am most interested in conceptual frameworks, heritage, cultural works, and urban design.

I strongly believe that every design has a story, with a sense of belonging, meaning and purpose. Alongside my degree, I was also a casual student architect with DM2 Architecture and a part-time crew member and barista at McDonalds. My work experience has taught to be confident in myself and to collaborate as a strong team member with my colleagues. Architecture has taught me to think, question and view the spaces we occupy differently. It has not only provided me with a fulfilling educational experience but also an amazing opportunity to grow in character and understanding.

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1. DreamWorld Future Lab Façade, concept generated from a pixelated and layered image of a crocodile to represent its scales & texture

3. DreamWorld Future Lab Façade Reflected Ceiling Plan, extruded canopy where the roof is made of coloured stained glass to reflect coloured shadows onto the ground

5. Dakabin IUIH Wellbeing Hub Floor Plan, integrating landscape in between buildings to respond to the significance of landscape to Indigenous communities

7. The Cascade, view from UQ Lakes showing how the curvilinear form of the building wraps around the existing Staff House and how the building design connects to the campus from all directions

9. The Cascade, view from south-west on Staff House Road where a timber screen is present to provide shading from the western sunlight; the curvilinear form is still present; furthermore, new glazed pavilions are seen in the under-croft area to contrast with the old Staff House towers creating a connection between past, present and future

2. DreamWorld Future Lab Façade Unfolded Elevation, showing punctured voids where there is a connection between interior and exterior

4. Dakabin IUIH Wellbeing Hub Concept, approached through urbanism precedents incorporating elements such as structure, landscape and circulation

6. Dakabin IUIH Wellbeing Hub Sections, landscape within building waiting area to health pods

8.  The Cascade, view from north showing the extension of landscape through the stairs, the cascading terraces providing a connection towards the amphitheatre and lakes’ landscape and the materiality of the sandstone brick reflecting the Great Court whilst staggering timber beams on the top level to symbolise a lighter weight and also to display continuity from the west shading device

10. The Cascade Exploded Axonometric, shows the different elements such as site, structure, floors, exterior walls and façade, that consist within the design