Ketki Mahadik

Bachelor Graduate

Graduating in Architecture has been an intense but fun journey. It's an interesting medium where I could often question the brief and create something interesting and important to me such as Character based and communist architecture and parking grid manifestos. I have sponged up great knowledge from my tutors and professors and learned a lot and will look forward to discovering more over my career. As a graduate I want to pursue working in various scales of architecture and creating fun and critical spaces for diverse users.

My final studio was an attempt at creating a design process for true free planning and prototyping an output of what a future and innovative academic space could be. Using 5 characters as a means to create spatial expenses that are infilled with functions. I hoped to create a building beyond areas of functions and design important spaces for all users.

I hope you enjoy this collection of studio briefs below.



1. Design process of creating a UQ academic building. 

3. Plan based on a 3x3 grid that uses typologies to define functions.

5. Long section of Outlook place.

7. Detail of Shared of office space with social annexes.

10. Perspective of Indigenous Clinic that uses a palette of Concrete and wood.

12. Perspective of Indigenous clinic that is organised around social courtyards.

2. Isometric of Outlook Place at UQ.

4. Outlook place plan.

6. Sectional perspective of office/Admin character space (Benjamin).

8. Sectional perspective of Sunnybank Housing scheme based on a parking grid.

11. Isometric of housing scheme that envisions the moving in of users that utilise a catalogue of elements that make up Sunnybank.