Khaulah Adnan

Masters Graduate

I graduated with bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of Kent, UK, in 2015 and started an architecture firm in Brunei, ADN - A. K. Studio. This is when I further enhanced my interests, skills and understanding of the industry. In 2019, I decided to continue my Masters in Australia to expand my grasp and views on Architecture, hoping to come back bringing fruitful knowledge and long-lasting friends.

The architecture here is characterised largely by the international style, embracing the multicultural identity and sustainable design. In UQ, I decided to pursue courses and researches touching on the topic of culture and sustainability. On my final semester, I have selected Urban Design to broaden the scale of my designing abilities. The studio focuses on 4 different sites in Brisbane, looking into evolution in 2025 and 2050. Here, I have been able to amplify the importance of character and integrated designs. The ability to create something in various scale will allow us to be able to ‘think like a king and act like the poor.’