Lau Yan Lai

Masters Graduate

Hello! I am Yvonne Lai. I am currently completing my Master Degree in Architecture Studies at University of Queensland. I have two years working experience in Hong Kong after I finishing my Bachelor Degree at The University of Melbourne. my favourite topic is sustainability. I believe it will become the most important elements in architecture in the future.

I have chosen my last studio project to share which is the ‘Vertical Village’. It was a Co-Living Project. There are lots of co-living places for young individuals, however, just a few for family. It’s well-known that caring for small children is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. The vertical village are designed to create an affordable Utopia for young parents to raise their kids. They can live, work, play, live and farm together. Moreover, as cities become more crowded and dependent on apartment living, few of us have access to garden space. One of the solutions to this has been the development of innovative urban farming. It helps people live in sustainable way and provides similar quality of life as living in a house by keeping connection to sky.