Lauren Ciantar

Bachelor Graduate

I am an architectural graduate with a background in education. Ten years working as a teacher has allowed me to hone my ability to be organised, adaptable and efficient. I have a versatile skill set and I am a good communicator. Fostering professional relationships has taught me the importance of being a team player. I spent three years travelling and working abroad and this has made me a resilient and capable problem solver.

Throughout my degree, I have developed a passion for architecture that prioritises sustainability. I am also interested in heritage work. Repurposing old buildings to give them a new life, rather than destroying and rebuilding the fabric of the city is important to retain some sense of a city’s identity.

In the coming year, I would like to gain work in a graduate role to further extend my skills and define my future career path. I would be delighted to work in a firm that values collaboration and creativity.

0499 777 636


1. Made in Bris: Second year project. Made in Bris is a project that explores the historic development of an existing city block and how the densification of the city might evolve in the future. Block arrangement maquettes.

3. Urban Sprout: Second year project. The design reimagines the fernery typology as a productive garden. Scheme plan.
5. Urban Sprout: Second year project. The project is dedicated to the evolution of the suburb into a place of life and productivity. Industry uses of space within a residential setting.

7. UIH Health & Wellbeing Centre: Third year project. The section of a Dakabin (Grass Tree) for which the suburb is named, formed the inspiration for the plan. Dakabin inspiration diagrams.

Verve: Third year project. Set among the shade and greenery of the amphitheatre precinct on the University of Queensland St. Lucia campus, Outlook Place is all about connectivity. Visualisation.

2. Made in Bris: Second year project. The project is finalised by the design of a micro city that takes its inspiration from Sunnybank's iconic food culture. Micro city planning diagram.

4. Urban Sprout: Second year project. The scheme provides the foundation for which a harmonious and interesting combination of local industry and residences brings farming pursuits to the city. Site sections.

6. IUIH Health & Wellbeing Centre: Third year project. Situated in the Dakabin, North Brisbane, the clinic aims to be a cultural meeting place for many indigenous people who identify with Dakabin as their ancestral home. Landscape uses.

8. IUIH Health & Wellbeing Centre: Third year project. The clinic plan is a series of central offices and allied health pods accompanied by surrounding consultation rooms that are replicated to create the clinic design. IUIH clinic plan.

Verve: Third year project. Connectivity across the university campus, between staff teams and among the community of staff and students is at the heart of the scheme. Partial Section.