Lindsay Taylor

Masters Graduate

Since commencing my architectural education at UQ in 2014 in the BArchDes program, I’ve felt that architecture exists as that of a background art. It is that which attempts to sit quietly, to facilitate the daily inhabitants a heightened awareness of the existing context, be it urban or rural, and create an ongoing dialogue between people and place.

The question for this design project becomes, how do we design for the significant densification of our city, whilst maintaining the established poetic suburban characteristics? The challenge of city making therefore becomes informed by the re-imagining of the existing. Through careful fragmental re-ordering of the (ordinary) detached housing of Stafford into a small scale suburban tower typology, a new model for densification is proposed. The introduced towers allow for the incremental growth of the suburb on a small footprint, thus maintaining and amplifying the open and in-between spaces of gardens and mango trees, characteristically specific to the sub-tropical suburbs of Brisbane. As a result the ongoing project of city making sits quietly allowing the daily inhabitants the increased awareness of the existing context whilst densifying the suburban fabric.