Lisa Herbohn

Masters Graduate

I am a final semester Master of Architecture Student who was born and grew up in Brisbane. Throughout my masters beginning in 2019, I have found a passion in both sustainable design approaches along with heritage studies. I believe projects should have a strong link to site, context, and climate.

Project: Co-Asis

The idea of Co-asis is to create an oasis in the middle of the city. With an overall concept to be a break away from the dreary concrete jungle, which is the city environment, while still harnessing the convenience of the many services the CBD provides.

Focusing on what the user would want in a co-living environment, Co-asis offers an innovative new way to live for the young working professional based on community and flexibility. The architectural approach uses these concepts and mixes them with environmental design to create a space that is the most desirable place to be while living or visiting the city.

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