Meghana Bodireddigari

Masters Graduate

I completed my Bachelor’s in Architecture in 2018, at Manipal University, India, and commenced my Master’s in Architecture at U.Q in 2019. I am passionate about architecture and hope to leave a positive footprint in the urban environment. I have worked in Bali, Indonesia as an Architectural Intern and did two freelance projects in Madanpalli, India. I aspire to gather as much knowledge as I can from different practices around the world and carry it forward with me.

The project I have chosen on the right is the Adaptive reuse of Astor Terrace Carpark. Despite sharing the same postal code as Brisbane’s CBD, Astor terrace is a quiet place. With the proposal of the programs for Astor terrace carpark, we aim to change this. The programs allocated for Astor Terrace Carpark are a gallery, markets (a place for young budding artists to sell their work, a mix of food, clothes, and handmade jewelry markets), and a rooftop bar and restaurant. Different massing options were explored, and one of the options was developed with a proposal for spill-out programs.