Meghna Prasanth

Masters Graduate

I started my Bachelor’s degree in Architecture in 2013 in Madras, India, and began my Master’s degree at UQ in 2019. I chose to study Architecture as I’ve always been interested in the way people lived, and find the power Architecture has over the most passive of subjects compelling. Now, as I come to the end of my education, I’m moved by the possible future where I can be an enabler of change in a field that I took great joy in being a student of.

Project Below: Citizens of Brisbane are afflicted by an unprecedented epidemic. With no cure in sight, the victims are ferried by boat to a quarantine facility at the foot of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs. Isolated from the rest of the city by river and cliff, they resemble an archipelago of rocks and turn into a sanctuary for the patients as quarantine turns into exile. Patients in the midst of their convalescence look out at the dead being ferried away to a crematorium down the river and the recently cured, returning to the city by boat as they arrived.

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