Millicent Lupton

Masters Graduate

Having completed my undergraduate degree at UQ in 2017, I commenced my Master of Architecture in 2019. During my time in the masters program, I have undertaken design studios relating to commerce, institutions, social housing and urban infrastructure. I selected these studios primarily due to my interest in public architecture and in pariticular, the movement of people through public spaces. Each of these studios provided me with the opportunity to explore this on various scales and for multiple users.

The project pictured to the right is a proposal for the major renovation and extension of the COX designed Australian National Maritime Musuem in Sydney. The design was completed as part of the Institutions and Ideology studio and involved the studio travelling to Sydney to visit the site. The project explores the establishment of a new axis for the musuem, in which it is re-orientated towards the ocean. The existing white steel structure is retained, with a large public plaza established below the wave-like canopy of the existing roof. This plaza allows for a continuous pedestrian path from Barangaroo around the harbour, and contributes to the vibrant future of Darling Harbour.