Nicola Myatt

Masters Graduate

Studying architecture has always felt like the centre of a venn-diagram, the place where creativity and pragmatism meet. The value in architecture being the expression of imagination and innovation, whilst also fundamentally providing for people, caring about well-designed places, and supporting the sustainability of our built environment. My architecture studies have reiterated, over and over again, the importance of people-centred architecture, and have fostered a deep love for design which serves and supports people and their communities. The courses I have taken through the duration of the master’s program have allowed me to explore my interest in community architecture, both locally and internationally. I am so thankful for the opportunities the program has provided, and I am so grateful for the support I have received from friends, family, and academics.

The following two projects include the ‘Transect Pavilions’ - community infrastructure in Singapore, and ‘Northshore Place’ - social and affordable housing in Hamilton, Brisbane. Both projects are grounded in providing spaces which support and foster community, catering to local needs, values, and priorities.