Nino Middleton

Masters Graduate

The past three years of Master’s have been characterised by late nights, ever-increasing coffee consumption, and a deep-seated fear of jacaranda flowers & the impending crits they foreshadow.

Luckily these are overshadowed by many beautiful moments: from exploring the Taj Mahal at sunrise to post-crit drinks on the Zelman rooftop at sunset. Thanks to everybody who made it so special.

The project to the right was developed during the Institutions & Ideology studio, and examines how underutilised agricultural infrastructure can be repurposed to offer additional amenity to the city of Cairns. Bulk sugar storage sheds are transformed to also hold research and cultural programme, while an existing cane railway acts as a catalyst for a series of suburban hubs. The novel transportation of artwork between sites creates a sense of spectacle that makes the city more energetic, vibrant, and in touch with the processes of the land and industry supporting it.