Octavia Smith

Masters Graduate

I started my studies for architecture with an bachelors degree in 2016 at UQ, followed by a year out of work experience.   I came back in 2019 and began the Master of Architecture program. These past two years have solidified my learnings and inspired me in so many ways. Of particular note, and the studio in which the following project was produced, was Peter Besley’s Masterclass studio. The course prompted students to create a narrative based on the occurrence of a disastrous event. Students then had the freedom to respond  and create their own story.

My project is based off an urban response to a pandemic, of all things.., and results in a series of buildings aimed to treat and isolate the sick.  The facility is formed as a large raised landscape plinth, with a eucalyptus oil distillery and working spaces below and around the perimeter. Roof forms are sculpted above to shelter the baths and form as a landmark. Settled into a forest of silver gum, the paintings evoke the experiential nature of attending the baths.


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