Ryan Turner

Bachelor Graduate

My name is Ryan Turner and I am a Bachelor of Architectural Design graduate at the University of Queensland in 2020. I chose to study architecture at the end of high school as it combined my interests in both art and maths. Throughout my degree I have gained a rich appreciation for and understanding of architecture in both its functional, structural and aesthetic forms.

My most recent design project has been Outlook Place; a multi-purpose building complex combining teaching and learning spaces with office spaces on the UQ St. Lucia Campus. The scheme makes use of a tartan grid concept that is consistently apparent across all scales and aspects of the complex. In the planning, an idea of ‘served’ and ‘servant’ spaces are created by the channels separating each cell within the grid. On the various faces of the buildings, the facade designs also abide by the geometry of the tartan grid.

During the first half of my final semester I also entered myself in a design completion called HOME 2020. The proposed scheme is in response to the expansion of urban sprawl and increasing rarity of places of solitude. A temporary living experience in the general context of the Australian outback, the architecture presents itself as a desirable reprieve from city life in a rural landscape.

1. Tartan grid concept in plan shown across the three building forms and connecting
sky bridges

3. Section cut through building 3 showing internal atria circulation space and voids in the eastern facade

5. Level 2 northern end of building 3 showing casual study/meeting places between the  atria and open-air terrace

7. Site plan showing vastness of the general context and photovoltaic cells on roof plan

9. Eastern elevation showing mirrored geometry motif of timber truss and breezeblock  wall and detail perspective views below

2. Site plan showing surrounding building context and proximity to lakes on the
bottom right

4. South east elevation from lakes looking towards Great Court

6. View from casual study/meeting space in building 3 looking southwards over the
entire project

8. Key section showing general arrangement of space, roof form, elevation changes and  both basement and ground plans below