Sammy Lei

Bachelor Graduate

I am an anticipating graduate of B.Arch 2020 with a strong passion for Architecture and the built environment. Having encountered challenges and overcoming many mistakes throughout my time as a student, this has played a large role in solidifying my motivation and drive to be part of impactful change with the built environment as a medium.

Through a diverse exposure of different design briefs, my approach to projects aim to respond through abstract themes that are technically resolved. I believe the nuance of the experimental playfulness and the technicalities of a design generates meaningful and sensitive spaces for users.

I have particular interest in the architectural impact on urban fabrics varying across different cultures and contexts. I believe understanding the impact architecture has on a macro scale is a fundamental consideration to generating culturally sensitive yet impactful and innovative works. Having had the opportunity to go on exchange to Canada and learning about the intricate urban networks of Toronto, has allowed me to view my own hometown Brisbane critically. I am excited to be a part of Brisbane’s growing urban changes in the near future.

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1. Third Year; Sem 2 Outlook Place, Internal render of study spaces on upper levels showing waffle slab ceiling

3. Third Year; Sem 2 Outlook Place, Long Section perpendicular to central communication stair

5. Third Year; Sem 2 Outlook Place, 1:100 Section showing upper and lower level relationship

8. Third Year; Sem 1 Capital 6 , External street view from Sherbourne Lanes in downtown Toronto showing outdoor public gathering space, basketball court and market space.

10. Second Year Sem 1, Collage of Cassowary enclosure

12. Second Year; Sem 1, Collage of the decorated shed for Dreamworld’s new future lab located within the Corroboree precinct. Heavily inspired by the imagery of the cassowary and distorted to generate a perforated pattern

14. Second Year; Sem 1, Section of Cassowary enclosure showing staff feeding and research area below the enclosure.

2. Third Year; Sem 2 Outlook Place, Render of the bottom of the amphitheatre showing self watering living green wall feature

4. Third Year; Sem 2 Outlook Place, Short Section through atrium space

Image 6: Third Year; Sem 1 Capital 6, Render of interior/corridor space between youth dorms and exhibition room

7. Third Year; Sem 1 Capital 6, Render of a typical student dorm room. Specifically, the central gathering, kitchen space in between bedrooms

9. Third Year; Sem 1 Capital 6, Axo of Downtown Toronto and urban context of Sherbourne Lanes ( SITE 4 ), at the risk of gentrification.

11. Second year Sem 1, Top view of Cassowary enclosure

13. Second year Sem 1, Collage of the walking space behind the decorated shed integrating a spatial journey for the users