Siubhan Rudge

Masters Graduate

I commenced my Master of Architecture degree in 2019 and over the past two years I have had some incredible opportunities; a notable highlight being my study abroad  experience during a global pandemic! I would like to say a big thank you to my family and friends who have supported me on this wonderfully chaotic journey. A special mention to Lakeside Cafe for keeping me energised, to the regulars in the lab for your encouraging words at 4am and to the lecturers for providing us with a one hour grace period.

The below project, “The Ecotone Precinct,” reflects my interest in the relationship between built and natural environments. In this scenario, the downfall of Cairn’s tourism industry has redirected the city’s focus towards ecological well-being. The research institute explores the ecotone conditions that stem from sea-level rise, blurring the boundaries between urban and marine environments to develop a harmonious equilibrium of co-existance. As a symbolic gesture of change, the precinct re-adapts abandoned hotels that have privatized valuable land and returns this space back to the community and environment.

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