Tuan Anh Le

Masters Graduate

I graduated from my Bachelors of Architecture at Curtin University, WA in 2018. I then moved to Brisbane and commenced my Masters of Architecture at UQ in 2019. During master course, being able to engage with professionals during review sessions and extra curricular activities have offered great opportunities to explore variety of architectural concepts and approaches. I am interested in sustainable green design and how architecture is interpreted through the transitional of spaces.

The project on the right was completed as part of Responsive Environments Studio. The brief calls for the new development of the existing Expressway along the riverfront of NorthBank Precinct. The project is to design a new institutional pavilion serves as the link the Botanic Garden and the Expressway. The main concept is to explore systems of circulation to integrate and connect different plane/ layer of the Expressway. The journey through architectural spaces created within layers and living facade offers users sensational experiences and the revealing of professionals work.