William Zi Jin Wong

Masters Graduate

I graduated with my Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom in 2017. After 13 months of internship in Farrells (HK) working as an architectural assistant, I commenced my Master of Architecture at UQ in 2019. I have a huge interest in sustainable design especially in the field of biomimicry approach and algae-driven technologies. I also love to study urbanisation history which I believe one good way to improve the urban building context would be to learn from both the success and failure in the past.

The Architecture & Commerce shown project on the right is based on the two themes: “Circular Economy” and “the Future of Retail”. We were to propose a master plan for Albion, Brisbane and focus on a smaller part based on the development. The building is designed for disassembly which leads to the megastructure approach made with timber frames and modular units. Algae is used radically in this project as sustainable strategies and the appearance of the building, featuring the algae pipe facade and algae bioreactor panels for the roof.