Zachary Bradford

Masters Graduate

I’m most interested in the process of architectural design rather than outcomes. I like to explore non-typical working methods with user research, science, mathematics and computational design based strategies. How can these ideas form a new outcome that benefits society and the occupants?

Project Below: 8Bit Remix.
Description: An adaptive reuse of the carpark adjacent to Fortitude Valley Station that is focused on the program of an esports arena. The project was an exploration of virtual world aesthetic in the classic super mario and pokemon games mixed with post modern architectural influences such as James Stirling’s Neue Staatsgalerie. The arena and public ground plane take precedence with the former bridging over the top of the latter creating memorable light and spatial qualities. References and motifs to video game pop culture are applied both whimsically and thoughtfully to bring life and fun to a building devoid of both.

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