Zoe Weddell

Masters Graduate

Catch me in the architecture labs at 4:51am, talking to myself, wearing no shoes and deliriously cry-laughing with the other stragglers while I peel masking tape from my hair. I reach for my 8th Caramello KoalaTM and glance out the window at the rising sun and the shockingly HD trees. What a perfect jpeg to use in my collage. My mind subconsciously photoshops the trees using the Magic Wand Select Tool, and as I hear the kookaburras laughing at me I ask myself, why am I still here? The reason is that I love creating something I can be proud of. To me, this means using architecture as a catalyst for engaging people with nature and sustainability, and facilitating inclusive social environments whether amidst an intimate or public surrounding. That, and questionable time management.

Below is my Well-Being Co-Lab project for Institutions + Ideologies: sprinkling a new model of personal, community and ecological care around Cairns city. It’s been an extraordinarily meaningful 6 years of Bachelor and Master degrees at UQ, filled with every emotion, so cheers to the next chapter and cheers to the freakin’ weekend !


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